The  Academy of Well Intervention is our renowned training facility in Stavanger, Altus Intervention gives future generations of offshore technicians first-hand experience in critical well intervention activities. A number of training courses ranging from 1 to 5 days in length make use of the Academy, including IWCF accredited courses. Trainees undertaking the wireline trainee programme will also make extensive use of the facilities the Academy has to offer. The combination of practical and theoretical training available is invaluable while also implementing first hand QHSE perspective and education. 

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The 2 well set up at the Academy have replicates an offshore set up, providing the best training conditions and equipment. We have a 40m and 390m well for our trainees to practice and develop their skills on during live training. This is a unique well set up that provides the best way to prepare for the job.                        

Academy of Well Intervention Courses: Download the brochure:

IWCF Well Intervention Combined
IWCF Well Intervention Wireline
IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control
Wireline Tractor
E-Line & Production Logging
Introduction to Wireline
Wireline Training Competece
Introduction to Well Completion
Customised Courses
Practical Wireline 2 days
Wireline HPHT Course
Light Well Intervention



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