Effective e-line deployed wellbore cleanout lighter on equipment, logistics, footprint and personnel. The Altus Intervention PrecisionCollector offers an alternative to the traditional wellbore cleanout options, providing a light, modular, easily deployable cost effective solution. The tool of choice for intricate wellbore cleanout challenges. Making Intervention Smarter.

Wellbore Cleanout - PRECISIONCollector

The PrecisionCollector is a robust, full system cleanout technology that can remove a wide range of debris types in a variety of wellbore conditions. It mills, agitates and dislodges the debris downhole, collecting and retaining the debris in chambers for transportation out of hole.

Deployed in combination with our PowerTrac tractor to provide toolstring anchoring and accurate positioning, the solution delivers cost-effective remedial intervention results to our clients.

Light and Agile Well intervention
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