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IMG_1364-771434-editedIn this interview we meet Odd Einar Magnussen who has been working with us since 2006. He started his career in the well intervention industry through our Wireline Trainee programme. Odd Einar shares his story of how he has reached his current position, what it involves and the achievements he is most proud of.



Firstly, what is your job and what does it involve on a daily basis?
I am a Customer Service Leader and Operational Supervisor reporting to our Stavanger office. Essentially, I’m responsible for following up the northern licenses to one of the major North Sea operators. This typically involves working closely with our client to understand and provide solutions to the well challenges that they face. I am heavily involved in planning operations that bring solutions to our clients and then conducting a follow up to ensure that the scope requirements have been met.

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How did you reach your current job position in Altus Intervention?
Working offshore in the well intervention industry was something that interested me while I was growing up. So, I started out in 2006 as a Wireline Trainee on the Altus Intervention 6-week trainee programme in Stavanger. After the trainee programme I worked my way up through various wireline roles, starting as an operator, becoming a senior operator and then supervisor. Based on the knowledge and experience I gained in these roles, I became a project leader planning and working in a team to provide well intervention solutions. Next, as an operational supervisor I took a more active role in both planning the operations as well as providing integrated solutions. Now, my job as a customer service leader and operational supervisor means that I am based in-house. Therefore, I work even closer to the client than I have before.

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Are there any particular projects that you are proud of working on?
Yes, that would be the first PrecisionExpander job. Our team produced the PrecisionExpander as a bespoke technology repair solution. It enabled a critical intervention to be carried out, recovering a well and delivering huge value all round, double the expected production output. Finding and delivering a rapid response solution to the immense challenge that we faced when the client approached us through engineering, planning and operational execution was extremely satisfying.

Another job that I am proud of is the straddle job we completed via e-line rather than the conventional coiled tubing method. We deployed a 100m straddle system with an e-line tool string in 6 runs. To my knowledge, this is the longest straddle system to have been deployed by e-line in this few runs. Our innovative solution saved 2 days of rig time and was deployed with a third fewer runs in hole compared to traditional methods.

More recently, we were successful in delivering a precise and highly efficient intervention solution, combining what is normally a two-run operation into a single run. This saved the client significant time.

What do you think makes Altus Intervention the well intervention specialists?
For me it’s the fact that we are one complete intervention company, delivering innovative solutions across many disciplines. We have lots of dedicated and highly motivated people at our core, constantly looking for operational solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

What about your job do you find most rewarding?
That would definitely be finding innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges. I enjoy the problem solving aspect to my job and designing solutions tailored to each operation such as with the PrecisionExpander tool. Having success as a team and continually improving is hugely rewarding.

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